Learn by Doing Staying Engaged at School

A common problem that plagues many students is boredom. School is meant to teach, and yet students often dread going into school each day and even start to dislike things they once enjoyed. Instead of an experience, school is nothing more than a formality as a step to college. Kids don’t feel like they’re pursuing anything or that what they’re learning matters. The issue is a lack of engagement.

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That’s where learn by doing comes in. In this video, you will learn all about the learn by doing mentality and how it can vastly change a student’s experience at school.

Learn by doing encourages students to explore what they’re interested in by taking a direct part in it. In this way, students feel empowered because they’re learning about things that matter to them and that they enjoy. They feel like there is a purpose, and most importantly, they remain engaged. Learn by doing can take the form of art projects, science experiments, and even play for younger kids. But no matter what it is, students feel that what they’re doing matters and that they’re having fun. In this way, learning happens naturally and shapes futures.