Offshore Disaster Survival Training

With how many jobs there are on rigs and boats, it can make a person wonder what kind of disasters these workers are taught to respond to. The ones we hear about are the ones where things go horribly wrong, ones where the training has no choice but to fail. There must be emergencies that occur where everything goes exactly like it’s supposed to, and the sea survival training keeps the people above water.

This video is one such training video, posted on youtube to familiarize people pursuing a career on the water, or for anyone else that’s curious. The information is quite useful for anyone to have access to, as water disasters regularly encroach on the land.

Video Source

Hurricanes, flooding, and mudslides are all disasters that can turn streets into rapids.

It also offers a really interesting glimpse into the lives of people that work on the sea. The military and other marine forces likely have similar safety training to this. Free references like this are very important for educational purposes. Broadening horizons to the lives other people live is the first step of exploration, even if it is digital. This video could be the thing that makes someone decide this lifestyle is for them, or perhaps what makes them decide it very much isn’t.