Pressure Washing a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Restaurants and other food industry have put up their commercial exhaust. The exhaust helps prevent unwanted fire in the kitchen where food is cooked or prepared. It is also necessary to maintain clean and functional commercial exhaust to pass the fire inspection process and continue to operate the business.

If you are an owner or kitchen manager, you must know the importance of regular commercial exhaust cleaning. Keeping a clean, organized, and safe commercial kitchen can play a big part in growing your business.

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Why is commercial exhaust necessary, and how is it done? Commercial exhaust cleaning does not only prevent fires presence but also helps in giving better airflow. If you wonder why you are suffering from the excessive bill, it is best to check your equipment. When you do exhaust cleaning, the grease is gone, and it can give you quality airflow that makes you more efficient in the kitchen.

Cleaning your commercial exhaust begins by covering all the kitchen utensils. Remove grease filters, trays, and cups. Shut off power to the hood, hood lights, and fan by utilizing lockout procedures—cover and tape any electrical wires, outlets, or boxes. Enclose system is watertight, wrapping draping the plastic to channel water into a wastewater container system. Disassemble fan housing on the roof. Be careful of electrical wiring.

You can turn to the video and learn how professionals do commercial exhaust cleaning if you want further knowledge.