The Difference Between used, Rebuilt, And New Auto Parts

You’re probably wondering whether it’s the best approach to buy new auto parts whenever you need to replace or repair some of the broken components in your vehicle. When it comes to replacing or repairing the parts in your car, you have several options. Two of these options include taking it to an independent auto repair shop or a dealership’s service center.

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Regardless of the option you choose, keep in mind that there is a considerable difference between the two. The distinction is not just with the service quality but also with the parts used. An auto repair shop will use either rebuilt, aftermarket, or remanufactured parts. Whereas a dealer service center will most likely use OEM auto parts.

However, most car owners are perplexed about the difference between these auto parts. So before you decide on which auto service shop will work on your car repair, you have to understand the distinction first.

You should also note that each auto part has its drawbacks and advantages. So the best option would be to determine your preferences, needs, and budget. But if you can shell out a little more cash, the better option is to go for new parts specially designed for your car’s make and model.

Watch this informational video by RockAuto Auto Parts, where you’ll discover the significant difference between used, remanufactured, rebuilt, and new auto parts.