What You Didnt Know About Seawall Repair

Mother nature is capable of serenity and tranquility. However, it can result in severe and unwelcome consequences. This necessitates routine inspection and repair of our seawalls. A YouTube video titled ” Seawall Repair Network’s Patent-Pending Process” demonstrates how a seal is constructed and repaired without requiring replacing the entire structure.

A seawall consists of a waterward and a landward side. A berm, joint, weep holes, wall panel, and cap are located on the waterward side.

Video Source

The filter fabric, an anchor, and a rod connecting the wall and the anchor comprise the landward side to the landward side. Weep holes from the landward side allow water to drain back to the sea.

As the filter fabric deteriorates, soil voids develop behind the wall. As a result, structural instability occurs. Hydrostatic pressure will build up over time, gradually shifting or cracking the wall panels and causing damage to the seawall cap.

Professional seawall repair service members inject swap-1 material behind the damaged panel to begin the seawall repair process. This infuses the soil with dense, concrete-like material. Then holes are drilled for pressure release. Inspect your seawall regularly to avoid accidents.