Tips for Future Optometrists

Optometry is a medical specialty that focuses on the care of the eyes. For those interested in becoming optometrists, there are a number of tips highlighted in this video. The video is prepared by a practicing optometrist who has two additional parts of this informational series.

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Optometrists must complete between eight and ten years of schooling in order to be certified to practice in this field. Those who have decided that they wish to become optometrists typically must establish their trajectory while still in undergraduate school. Because optometry is a specialized field of medicine, it is important that future optometrists have a foundational understanding of human biology. Furthermore, it is imperative that they understand the commitment of this long process.

As the first video in this three-part series, this video focuses on tips for those who wish to improve their undergraduate foundation in order to successfully move forward in the process of becoming optometrists. The doctor offers some insight on which courses will be useful, which will boost your GPA, and which will bolster your transcript when applying to optometry schools.

Students who plan to become optometrists could learn a lot from this video. Taking action to improve their resume and have a competitive transcript will offer an advantage in admissions decisions.