What Happens During a Glass Tinting Progress?

Property owners use blinds and curtains to ease the heat and sunlight that goes through their property. Now, there are many ways to protect your property and yourself from extreme sunlight. It includes the use of films.

Window films in commercial glass tint are the perfect combination for battling the heat in your property. It is also energy-efficient and includes lots of benefits.

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Installing a film to have a commercial glass tint is easy. Here is a step-by-step guide in doing the process.


Measuring your windows are the first step in the installation process. Measure the length and width of your window and the same with your film.

Clean your windows

Next is by cleaning your windows. Clean your windows before installing. You can spray water on it or wipe it with your cleaning rags or tools.

Cut and Remove the Adhesive Liner

After cleaning, you can now cut your film. After, remove the adhesive liner at the back of the film and spray some water on the film.

Apply and Install

Next is the application and installation. Ensure that you are on the right angle before installing. Install gently and carefully. Make sure that it does not bubble.

If you want an easy way of doing away with heat and direct sunlight to your office, commercial glass tint is the cost-effective and easy solution that you can take.