Tips for How to Safely Drive a Golf Cart

Golf carts are a fast and easy way to get around the golf course, but you should always prioritize safety when you’re behind the wheel. Even though these carts travel slowly, accidents can still happen if you’re not cautious! This video is from Gymnast. Ailsa goes over all the basics of driving a golf cart.

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If you need a few more pointers, these safety tips will help you avoid mishaps.

Distracted driving causes many accidents, so paying attention to your surroundings while driving is important. Don’t check your phone or answer texts until after your cart has stopped. Many people carry snacks and beverages in their carts, but you’ll want to keep both hands on the wheel when driving.

Besides avoiding distractions, you should ensure you don’t try to squeeze too many people onto your cart. Golf carts have strict passenger limits, and if you go over this limit, it could lead to an accident or injury. Not only could someone fall off your cart, but the excess weight could even cause it to tip over.

It’s important to remember that golf carts are vehicles. Whether driving your cart on the course or on city streets, you should obey traffic laws and follow safety protocols. Taking precautions can keep you safe while you enjoy your favorite sport!