What You Should Know About Medical Weight Loss

When you think about medical weight loss, usually you start thinking about bariatric surgery. Surgery is only one part of a very long chain of interventions.

Patients normally come to a weight loss clinic on a referral from their primary care physician to help reach a healthier weight. Medication intervention starts with loss-resistant weight, especially after bariatric surgery has failed to get a patient to a sustainable weight.

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Professional medical weight loss doctors, nurses, and nutritionists say that the best part of their job is to hear their patients saying that they no longer struggle with joint pain and can be more active because of the work they’ve done with the medical weight loss.

Anyone who has a level of obesity is a candidate for medication management, with or without a surgical history. Medication is helpful for weight loss, especially in a situation where a patient has been trying to lose weight for a long time and is finding it extremely difficult to follow through on weight loss. Last, patients who have conditions that make them more susceptible to weight gain, or medications with weight gain as a side effect, can find themselves needing medication for weight loss to counteract this.