Understanding Heat Transfer

Heat transfer refers to energy moving between different sources, and can be seen in many different ways. One way that we see heat transfer is through the construction of our houses. When a house or any building is constructed, heat transfer must be taken into account.

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In this article, we are going to look at the process.

When buildings are made, they must be constructed in a way that keeps the inside temperature comfortable, even if the outside temperature is extreme. In order to do this, the engineering of the building must take into account how heat transfer will effect it. If you live in an extremely hot place the heat will try to make its way into the building, through heat transfer. The engineer must know this and figure out a way to keep it cool. Air conditioning is a solution to heat, however, air conditioning alone should not be the only thing fighting the heat.

Another important thing to take into account when dealing with heat transfer, is the location of the building. In different areas of the world the sun is going to be more or less severe. When you construct a building you need to take this into account so that you can design it in a way to support heat transfer in the way it needs.