What Are the Benefits of Being a Plumber?

Plumbers have a hard job, but it can also be rewarding. Many plumbers are highly satisfied with their line of work and enjoy helping people keep their homes running. Keep reading to learn more about what plumbers do.

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A big part of being a plumber is problem-solving. Plumbers constantly get presented with issues so they know how to break down and diagnose problems to come up with solutions. This is a part of the job most plumbers really enjoy.

The main responsibility of a plumber is to maintain a healthy plumbing system. This includes working on systems like the water softener and making sure the drinking water is clean and safe.

Many people think plumbing is a dirty job, but most of the time plumbers work on clean systems. 50% of plumbing is for new construction and 50% for service. In service plumbing, which includes replacing fixtures and renovating bathrooms, 50% is potable water and 50% is drainage. Only drainage is dirty, so plumbers are working with clean water 75% of the time.

To learn more about what plumbers do, watch the video above!