Use Educational Videos to Enhance Learning

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Did you know that about 65% of the population is considered to be made up of visual learners, or those that learn better through visual aids? In fact, OSHA reports that for the average human, about 83% of all learning is done visually. Whether you are homeschooling, teaching in a school, or looking to give any student a leg up, you can introduce education videos for kids to them. Here are three ways to bring great educational content into your classroom.


If your classroom has good accessibility to the internet, then download educational videos for children to use while they are at the computer. You can also download them in order to share with the whole class all at once. If you lack a television or computer in the classroom, download the videos to your own personal laptop and hook it up to a projector, or larger screen.


Depending on the source of your online educational videos, you can stream educational video clips much like you would play a YouTube video. There are education videos for kids which are just a few minutes long, which is perfect for the attention span of most students. Consider showing a clip, having a discussion, and then showing another clip to keep the class moving and learning.


If there are discovery learning videos which you anticipate getting a lot of mileage out of, due to the content, or the good response that you have noticed from your students, then it might be worth purchasing those education videos for kids in future classes.

Some educational videos that children find especially interesting include the following topics.

  • Natural Disasters
  • Deep Sea Marine Life
  • Sharks
  • The Human Body
  • Technology

In truth, most science education videos shown in a dynamic way will grab the attention of children. Did you know that about 35% of students retain information visually compared to only 10% who receive the information verbally? Educational videos are an excellent way to take advantage of natural learning processes to give your students a leg up on important topics. Remember that you can access educational videos in several ways, so whatever your classroom situation is, you should be able to find a way to share discovery education videos for kids.