Where Can You Find Educational, Engaging Videos Online? Three Tips

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Did you know that 10% of all internet traffic goes to Youtube, and the equivalent of 150,000 full length films are added every week? If you are looking for educational video clips, this is one idea of where to look, but there are many others.

Video clips can be a great teaching tool since they deliver a message through a medium that people respond well to. How many kids get excited when they realize they get to watch something on tv, even if it’s something they would normally consider a “boring” subject? Here are three things you need to know about online education videos for kids.

1. Kids Sometimes Need Help Knowing How to Watch

According to a recent article in Psych Central, children often need assistance in understanding how to watch education videos online. Leigh Cousins shared his experience of working with students and referring them to videos, only to have them say they were “confusing” or the child “didn’t get it.” He gave them several pointers, including watching it more than once, that it’s okay to stop and rewatch confusing sections, and working out problems taught in videos is important for a full understanding of the concept.

2. Discovery Learning Videos for Kids

If you’re looking for a place to get reliable clips, Youtube probably won’t rank high. Finding one good clip requires wading through 20 cat montages. Discovery Communications releases video clips for children, intended for viewing in the classroom. The site also offers digital textbooks, which can be a good companion for children who might be otherwise confused by learning material. A good runner up is the Khan Academy, which offers free videos about everything from chemistry to economics.

3. Other Top Sites for Free Online Educational Videos

According to Edudemic, the top five sites for teacher video learning resources include TeacherTube (on Youtube), Edutopia, Youtube EDU, Classroom Clips, and neoK12. Look for videos that are engaging while still being highly informative, and say goodbye to the clips teachers have been showing since 1994. Not only are they outdated, but they fail to connect with kids using the latest information about attention and the importance of long term repetition of ideas.

What educational video clips do you use?