What Are Coax Cables Used For?

If you have an internet connection in your home, you probably have used coax cables before without even knowing it. To learn a bit more about these cables and what they do, keep reading and then watch this video.

They are made up of a center wire, a metal jacket, and then a protective jacket around the whole cable. This is to protect the integrity of the cable, as it is rather thin.

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Because they all share the same axis, they get the name ‘coaxial cable’. The center wire is what is responsible for sharing information between your devices. You might have screwed one into your Wi-Fi set-up or your cable box before.

The ethernet cable is a different type of coax cable that has been replacing them in the past few years. They have a similar function, but their makeup is different. To learn more about coaxial cables, call your electrician or talk to a person at your cable company. They might be able to explain how you use coaxial cables in your home. When you need new coaxial cables you can go to your local or brand name hardware store. The employees there will help you out, as well.