What are COVID 19 Tests Like?

Testing for COVID-19 is an important way to keep yourself and your community safe. There are many types of COVID testing available. CBC News looks at what getting a COVID-19 test is like.

Although there are tests that use blood or saliva, the most accurate test for COVID-19 by far is the nasal swab.

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This goes very deep into the sinuses. The test can only be performed by a trained professional. You cannot do it yourself, or you risk getting hurt.

You may have to answer some health questions about how you are feeling before you get your test. You may also have your blood pressure and temperature taken.’ Your lungs might be listened to.

A very long, sterile swab is inserted up one nostril and stops more or less at three centimeters deep. Despite a popular misconception, the swab does not touch your brain. It does, however, tickle some very sensitive skin, so it will feel uncomfortable. The swabbing only takes a second.

It can take about 24 hours before you get your results. Although there are tests that produce quicker results, including home testing kits, they are not as accurate as standard nasal swab tests.