Why You Might Need an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

Ear, nose, and throat specialists are usually called ENT specialists. As you might expect, they specialize in problems with the ears, nose, and throat. Ogden Regional Medical Center looks at why you may need to go see an ENT doctor rather than your primary physician or family doctor.

If you need surgery on your ears, nose, or throat, then you want to see an ENT specialist. ENT doctors are trained to do surgery for problems ranging from birth defects to severe sleep apnea.

An ENT doctor is a person to go to when your primary care physician has not been able to successfully treat you.

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Good doctors of any medical branch will readily admit defeat and work with a specialist to get you the help you need. For example, if using medication and making lifestyle changes does not help your sinus problem, then you may need surgery from an ENT doctor.

Another common reason to see an ENT doctor is if you have recurrent ear infections. The problem could be a small object lodged deep in your ear or a birth defect. An ENT doctor is much better able to help you than your regular doctor.