What Are the Different Commercial Garage Door Options?

Choosing the right type of garage door for your business is important because it can keep your inventory and vehicles safe from potential theft or weather-related issues. There are a few different options outlined in the video below. Keep reading to find out which garage door is right for you.

Sectional garage doors are the most common option. they are made from several different sections and then hinged together to make the door.

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These doors roll up themselves, and an advantage to them is how little space they take up when opened. These are a great option for warehouses or other businesses that will be receiving from large trucks.

Another common choice for commercial garage doors is the rolling steel door. These are more resistant to force of any kind and can be considered a safer choice than sectionals. Security grilles are a choice that has space between the bars. These might be a good option for schools or for businesses who need to see what trucks are in their garage.

Do some more research before choosing a garage door for your business. Make the right choice between these options for your inventory and safety needs.