What is Grinding Coolant?

When grinding or cutting steel, diamonds, or any other hard material, it is important to have a coolant to stabilize processes. Grinding coolant is an oil or emulsion liquid that you use with these types of industrial processes. There are a few different kinds of grinding coolants that this video highlights.

Straight oil coolants are exactly what they sound like. Sometimes there are additives for lubrication and cleaning added to these mixtures to optimize grinding.

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Soluble and synthetic coolants are solutions that are anywhere from 87& to 95% made of water.

Synthetic coolants are best for cooling efforts. The water base makes it very efficient in getting the heat out of the system quickly. Oil coolants, on the other hand, are the best for lubrication during a grinding process. Because the lubrication is so good, you actually don’t need to worry about the cooling factors in oil coolants. The best for cleaning is the synthetic coolant, which is incorporated with cleaners.

Keep these things about grinding coolants when you are starting a grinding project or when you are buying in bulk for your company. Talk to an expert at the manufacturer to get the best coolant for your purposes.