What is the Purpose of Emissions Inspections?

What is emission test (smog text) and why it’s necessary? Simply put, an emissions test measure the number of air pollutants a car gives off in regards to environmental consciousness.

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If you have a truck, consider truck emissions inspections for a clean combustible engine.

Why do we need the emissions test?

  • Regulate vehicles to make sure they don’t pollute the environment so much
  • Ensure vehicles are in compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act.
  • Test components like the catalytic converter to make sure they are operating optimally.

Cost Implications: Test and Failure
When it comes to truck emissions inspections, the test cost varies from state to state. Some states don’t charge while some may charge up to $80. If you’re considering safety inspection too, the emissions test cost will increase.

In case the truck fails the test, you’ll have to take for further inspection to see if the issue at hand can be fixed. If it fails the second time, it might make sense to replace the old truck with a newer one. Always calculate the costs of test vs the cost of failure. Ensure your car is maintained regularly to increase chances of passing the truck emissions inspections.