Why Bugs Need to Be Exterminated

Carpenter bees, as you may know, burrow round holes into wood. You might be surprised to learn that a single carpenter bee can only build a tunnel roughly 1 foot long. They typically take flight and cling to wood.

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Then they dig a tunnel through the woods. The wood begins to tear down as they dig these tunnels. This vulnerability can spread to additional boards, causing the entire structure’s framework to deform. Walls can expand, flooring can descend, and ceilings can drop when this happens.

These bees love wood that hasn’t been treated. Carpenter bees will inflict more damage faster on the unprotected wooden structures in your yard, such as a fence and a shed. Carpenter bees can be deterred by painting, staining, or spraying these materials.

These insects are best controlled with the help of a professional pest control service. Female bees can become imprisoned as a result of DIY approaches. If they are trapped, they will dig a new tunnel to get out. And new tunnels imply greater devastation.

Insecticides are also needed to get rid of carpenter bees. These products can harm pets, children, and adults who live on the property being treated if they are not used properly. An individual carpenter bee does not pose a threat. However, an untreated carpenter bee swarm presents a risk.