What to Know About Aluminum

Need an aluminum product for your next project, but are unsure which kind to pick? The Youtube channel, Metal Supermarkets, presents several different grades of aluminum that you can choose from.

If your project requires some general fabrication, chemical equipment, or even sheet metal work, try out Aluminum 1100. It hardens slowly, is very resistant to corrosion, and is recommended for any work that needs forming.

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For tougher jobs, such as those involving storage tanks or pressure vessels, Aluminum 3003 is the way to go. This grade has added manganese, making it 20% stronger than Aluminum 1100. Aluminum 3003 is also one of the most widely used commercial grades, as many industries find it very reliable.

Infrastructure projects that need piping and electrical work installed will benefit the most from Aluminum 6061. When corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and strength are all top priorities, Aluminum 6061 will meet your project demands.

Need the highest strength of aluminum available? Then look into getting some Aluminum 7075. This grade can take high amounts of stress, such as meeting rough structural applications or keeping an aircraft tube intact during flight. Aluminum comes in many grades for just about any application you’ll need.