What to Know About Hair Loss

Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss. Although it usually happens to people over 35, it can also happen to younger people. For example, the famous actor Sir Patrick Stewart started going bald when he was only 19. Dr. Ben Behnam, a board-certified dermatologist, tells you what else you need to know about hair loss.

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To get the best treatment, hair loss dermatologist Los Angeles or elsewhere starts with a physical examination to diagnose why a patient is losing hair. Hair and scalp samples may be taken for testing. Blood tests may be needed, especially to check the iron level in women.

Types of hair loss are roughly divided into two categories. The first is scarring alopecia. This leaves irregular patches of baldness. The second type is non-scarring alopecia, which is more common.

The patient will be asked if any close relatives have hair loss. It’s a common misconception that you get a baldness gene from the mother’s side of the family. You get it from both sides.

Hair loss treatment includes pills, hair transplants, and treating any medical conditions that could cause hair loss, such as iron deficiency. Patients may be given antidepressants because hair loss can trigger depression.