What You Need to Know About Walk In Bathtubs

When doing a bathroom remodel, you should always look into new ideas that you might not have seen before. Walk in bathtubs are a great example of an installation you may have never considered. Here is what you need to know about them before talking to your contractor about a possible installation.

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These are a great option for people with poor hip mobility or people who are unstable on one foot. With this invention, you simply open the door to the bathtub and then begin filling it up. If you love taking baths without the chance of slipping, this might be for you.

There is always a chance of water spilling out of the tub, which is why it is not a well-known or highly-chosen option. The seal once the door is closed should be air-tight, but things can happen during installation that will affect this. Make sure you choose a knowledgeable, experienced installer to see this project through.

Look at reviews and testimonials online before making your final decision. If you have a family member who has a hard time on one leg, this is the right choice for you. Watch this video for more thoughts on walk-in tubs.