Why Elementary School is So Important in Your Child’s Life

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The common belief that the early childhood years are the most formative
ones in a person’s life has been proven by researchers. Studies on early childhood education have found that these are the years when children have the ability to learn languages, to develop their talents for music and mathematics, and to gain a solid footing in the academic and life skills they will need. Private elementary schools that offer a solid academic foundation, as well as arts and athletics programs, help students become confident and well rounded citizens.

A well rounded curriculum
One of the first and most important decisions that parents have to make, when their children reach kindergarten age, is between public and private schools. While there is much to be said for both kinds of schools, private schools can offer much more individualized attention that helps children develop well rounded personalities.
Private schools are typically much smaller than public schools, which makes it easier for them to offer arts, music and athletics programs that help students to develop their skills. Early childhood researchers have found that young children have a talent for learning. They can pick up second and even third languages with ease. This is also the time when they can gain a solid academic foundation and develop their talents.

Smaller class sizes promote student learning and confidence
The vast majority, or 87%, of private schools have 300 or fewer students. Private elementary schools have smaller class sizes, which means that teachers can offer individual attention to students. Students and parents also value the personalized atmosphere, which feels safer. College prep schools can have student-to-teacher ratios of 12:1.
Elementary schools play an important part in a person’s life. At all levels, from kindergarten through elementary and middle schools, children gain academic and life skills that they will need all their lives. One of the less well known benefits of private schools is that they send a higher percentage of their students to college. As of 2011, the number of students graduating from private schools was 305,842. Of these, about 64% were enrolled in four year colleges by the fall.

A private school curriculum develops all aspects of a child’s personality. Your child may be a musical prodigy or an Olympic champion. The early childhood years are the time when these talents can be first manifest and developed. Private elementary schools with a full curriculum that emphasizes the arts and athletics offer opportunities for children to gain confidence and develop their skills to the fullest extent.