Discovering Through the Screen

Discover videos

There is so much to learn about the world. This is why discover videos have meant so much to so many people. This is not to say that discover videos are the only videos that people can use for improving the value of their educations. Nonetheless, discovery education videos for kids can greatly improve the ways that children learn.

This is not to say that children can learn solely by watching discovery learning videos. Sometimes, as Neil Postman pointed out in “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” this can train the mind in such a way that it will not be receptive to being educated in any other way. Nonetheless, discovery videos can greatly improve the ways that children learn about many diverse parts of the globe.

Children tend to have a higher retention rate for what they see than they have for what they read. For example, they might be able to maintain about 60 percent of what they see and about 30 percent of what they read. Nonetheless, this is not necessarily to say that children should not learn to see and read in other formats.

Discover videos, nonetheless, have an added advantage. That is, they can be visual as well as audial. It is possible to watch them as well as hear them. It is for this reason that many children are likely to learn to love subjects like wildlife biology if they have access to discover videos about subjects such as the Savannah.

Discover videos are among the best for teachers who are looking for new ways to engage their students. Sometimes, hearing about a new and exciting location is not sufficient. It is necessary to be there to get the true value of what you see. And it is for this reason that people will probably continue to use these videos as we move into the future. Who knows? One day they might become even more interactive.