The Process for Safely Disposing of Medical Waste Explained

Medical waste is any product generated in the immunization, diagnosis, or treatment of patients. Previously, the medical waste disposal procedure involved the collection of the waste in special bags or plastic containers and disposal in normal trash bins. However, medical waste disposal was drastically changed due to health concerns like disease outbreaks.

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Today all medical waste is collected in red biohazardous containers in all hospitals for all medical practitioners. The containers safely dispose of biohazardous medical waste like sharps, IV catheters, needles, paper towels, dressing gloves, and bandages with human fluids and blood.

This medical waste is disposed of in red biohazardous bags and then secured in containers because they can easily pierce through the bags. Licensed medical waste management companies then collect the containers for treatment before they are recycled.

A medical facility could hire either a tracked service licensed to transport the medical waste to dedicated disposal facilities, or a box service that ships the waste to a medical waste treatment facility. Hopefully, this article has made you more aware of your medical waste disposal practices.